Norwex: exposing life’s dirty little secrets

Why Norwex? Hmmm…good question. I mean with so many home marketing products out there today, it would seem next to impossible to choose something to sell, cuz we’re all selling something, aren’t we? Beside the fact that I vowed never to sign up for another home-marketing company again, having successfully sold Mary Kay and L’Bri, and forget that I have warned others not to sign up for e-MLM’S, (otherwise known as evil multi-level marketing businesses), here I am. I can’t say how this happened for sure, because no one, and I mean NO ONE, relentlessly bugged me or tried talking me into it. Disclosure: I love Mary Kay and L’Bri has some awesome products, too, which I still use!

It just went something like this…

Once upon a time I had three kids, three pets, and a husband at home. I still have the husband, (insert praise hands), who I sometimes refer to as “the goose” on my other blog,, and now three adult children who are frequently ravaging through my refrigerator, and gracing us with their presence several times a week. It’s true, I prayed asking God to bring all of my adult children home to live close by and well, since He loves answering my prayers…here they all are. You decide how you want to pray when you get to that stage….eh hem…

Oh yeah, back to Norwex. Well it all started when two of the three were still at home, and I found myself at that age, where I decided you can’t really keep up with all this cleaning business, I mean not when your teenage boys are having vomit races in the basement, (its a thing…checkout Jackass on youtube at your own discretion), and you cook for random teenagers several times a week, and the grease on top of your cupboards has accumulated ever since you moved in because who thinks of cleaning what you can’t see, right? And you rarely go down in your basement out of fear of what you will find because it smells like, well what several pubescent teenage boys smell like all at once after a sweaty screamo band practice. I’ll let your imagination decide that smell before I give you too much TMI, which will only keep you coming back for more… you know it will. And really what it comes down to is you can’t stand looking at the bathroom mirrors your kids use as they are continually covered in a chalky coating of toothpaste/saliva/leftover-stuck- between-molars-for-two-days food particles so you just walk by and sigh. Not to mention, several carpet stains ranging from animal vomit to spilled strawberry Faygo, to the unidentifiable, please don’t ask, what is that?!?!

It was about this time in my life I was introduced to Norwex. Somebody once said there was this little magical rag that cleaned everything without using chemical cancer causing cleaners, cuz we all know they cause cancer and every time you use them you about pass out trying to hold your breath so you don’t get cancer. I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty good picture of yours truly. eh hem… Anyway….Really? I don’t believe you. A rag and water? Not buying it. Until she let me use her little magic rag on top of my kitchen cabinets that had about 8 years of grease, particles of floating food, dust, skin cells, all that stuff your dog shakes off that your eyes are suddenly opened to when a ray of light shoots through a sun facing window as tiny little mystical specks (that are probably alive),mysteriously float upward, you name it…accumulated on top.

I mean, if I was going to test something, that was it. I love a good challenge and sometimes I take great pleasure in proving people wrong, so I decided to set out scrubbing my little brains out with a rag and water. Pssht…..

I guess you know how the story ends…I have been using Norwex ever since. The greasy waxy, dead skin cell stuff came right off with a little elbow grease and water! I actually liked wiping chalky, toothpaste spit off of my mirrors because the shine and clean were so amazing I couldn’t believe it and I actually cleaned my windows for the first time since we moved in….8 years prior. Don’t roll your eyes, I told you, I am exposing dirty little secrets with this blog. Don’t even ask me about the downstairs shower…. I’ll save that for another blog. When it came time to move, well rather than replace the vomit/faygo/whoknowswhatelse stains on the basement carpet? You guessed it, the norwex rag. It literally removed many stains and lessened the Faygo stains to the point my basement did NOT scare the new buyers away and saved us thousands of dollars! (I mean, besides placing furniture strategically).

Ok, so if you need anything from Norwex, you need the Envrio Cloth and the Window Cloth! Like don’t wait…

you need them now.

This is what they look like:

Norwex Microfiber removes 99% bacteria

I would NOT be without my Norwex rags. I do not clean anything without them, no surface, no floor, no month old weird and slimy spill in the refrigerator…. The Enviro Cloth is universal and can be used EVERYWHERE in your house from sinks, to floors, to stovetops, to bathrooms. Of course, we have many other products that are specifically designed for harder more stuck on challenges, but I guarantee you will be amazed at what the one little, best on the market, microfiber rag can do! Oh yeah, when you check out my site, don’t forget to read about Baclock. Its the best part about Norwex, many of the products contain the natural antibacterial silver interwoven in them. This means after you have used your rag, the silver goes to work as you hang it out to dry, literally getting rid of over 99% of the bacteria you just cleaned up! No joke, people. Take it from an 8 year user and writer…. so sometimes I don’t finish my cleaning jobs because writing is more fun. Don’t worry, I plan to take real pics, from this real housewife, in her real house, who lives with real people and real pets, no matter how embarrassed I might be. After all,

we all have dirty little secrets....

Quick, get online and order your Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth, and if you already have those, well order something else! I will be featuring “products of the month” on this blog…so stay tuned for more: where creativity and cleaning collide...

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Happy Cleaning!